Shanksville Volunteer Fire Department


Please consider a personal or family contribution to the Shanksville Volunteer Fire Department.

SVFD provides emergency services to Indian Lake.  Like every other volunteer fire department in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, budget and funding cutbacks continue to take their toll.  State and national regulators, however, have not relaxed their equipment standards, nor have we as property owners, nor SVFD themselves, lowered our expectations for excellence in service.  Old equipment needs to be replaced and new technologies and techniques cost a lot.

For the past 4 years, maybe longer, SVFD has been asking the Borough to budget for nearly 3 times our historical funding levels to make up for the combined shortfalls and increased regulatory appetite. Council has not obliged, faced with our own regulatory debacle; the 3-phased Dam Remediation effort and the sense not to raise taxes even further.

SVFD believes that at 46% participation rate, Indian Lake 'residents' are not paying their fair share. Council has challenged SVFD's numbers, but with 2/3 of our homes being occupied on only a seasonal/part-time basis we cannot find fault in their numbers.  Lake Stonycreek, part of Stonycreek Township, is likely similar but not as readily segregated...  SVFD feels the crunch from both, though.

We recognize seasonal and part-time residents may contribute generously to their "home" communities, but that doesn't help SVFD, nor does it mean your Lake House has any lesser fire risk or need for emergency services SVFD provides.

Firefighters do not like begging for money.  While many of us like buying subs or attending a periodic cash-bash, organizing and running them, and on a steady/regular basis, is not a highly motivational recruiting or retention technique for firefighters.

Please join Council in making an increased personal commitment to SVFD in recognition of their incessant commitment to us, and our safety and our properties.


Mayor's July 1 Newsletter


Mayor Miscoe has issued a July 2014 newsletter.  Click Here to read it.

All old newsletters can be found here:

2013 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report


Our annual report is good, as usual.  To read the report, Click Here.

Council Changes


At the June 11th meeting Charlie McCauley's resignation was announced and accepted by Council.  Scott Hollern was appointed to fill the vacancy on Council until the reorganization following the next Municipal Election [January 2016].  Scott is also a member of the Planning Commission.

Lynn Shimer was elected Council President.  Lynn has been a member of Council for a little over two years and serves as Chair of our Watershed/Environment Committee and as a member of the Finance Committee.

New Trash Collector Notice
At the May 14, 2014 meeting of the Indian Lake Borough Council, Advanced Disposal was awarded the bid for the exclusive refuse hauler for residential customers.
The rates for trash pick-up for curb side or back door service will be:
July 1, 2014 thru June 30, 2015 - $13.14/month or $17.14/month
July 1, 2015 thru June 30, 2016 - $13.14/month or $17.14/month
July 1, 2016 thru June 30, 2017 - $13.14/month or $17.14/month
In order to avoid any interruption of your trash service YOU MUST CALL Advanced Disposal at 1-800-437-1759 immediately to set up trash pick-up.
*You will need to specify whether you want curb side or back door service.
Valve Locator Posts


As a result of our efforts trying to narrow-down water leaks this year, and the difficulties we had locating them, we have installed a number of new isolation valves.  Also in the process we found and have replaced a number of defective curb-side shut-offs for residences.

It is necessary that these valves, and all curb-side shutoffs, be clearly visible or marked so they can be easily located in emergencies, and can be readily avoided by snow-plows, delivery trucks and guests who may need to park along the roadways/berms. 

The Borough has purchased metal posts/stakes intended for this purpose.  This was done a number of years ago and many have been removed or knocked over.  [Some were 'reportedly' removed by residents who considered them eyesores, but I can't see anyone doing that on purpose...]

Please make a note of where your curb-box is located and check regularly that the locator remains upright, visible and effective.  If it gets knocked over or removed, please report it to the Borough Office.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Frank Moldovan,

NEW Smoke Signals Forum

Click Here to go to the NEW Smoke Signals Forum...


At our Town Meeting, Bill Kirkpatrick talked about our weeds.  Not all weeds are bad.  The weeds we deal with show we have a healthy, balanced Lake.  The 3 major weed types are covered in the links below:

Remember that different Lakes and bodies of water have vastly different environments.  Moving your boat/trailer between locations can be our biggest vulnerability to Indian Lake.  The following steps can greatly reduce the risk...
  • Dry your boat/trailer at least 7-10 days
  • Use a Chlorine/Bleach solution to rinse
  • Pressure Wash before launching in Indian Lake
  • Run Engine with boot/fresh water intake
Lake Directory NOW AVAILABLE


Indian Lake Service Corp is pleased to announce that the Indian Lake Directory is done and printed copies are now available for purchase at the Borough Office, during normal business hours, at a cost of $2.00 each. This year's version includes home and lake addresses and phone numbers, as well as e-mail addresses, where such was provided for publication.

Proceeds go to the Service Corp's general fund.

Normal Borough office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Thanks to Dick Bryant and Theresa Weyant for their hard work in bringing this together.


Dick Stern

President, Indian Lake Service Corp.


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